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Our Service

Who is Wounded Eagle UAS?

WEUAS is a non-profit 501- c3 veteran’s service organization “VSO”. WE is dedicated to providing our wounded and disabled veteran brothers and sisters a “hand-up” and pathway into a professional career as a small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) operator in the new and blossoming sUAS industry.

What is Wounded Eagle UAS?

WEUAS is a sUAS training program focused on mentoring and training students to become employment desirable FAA Part 107 licensed sUAS commercial remote pilots and FCC licensed radio operators.

1. Our program includes hands-on flight instruction with FAA Part 107 licensed pilots. This includes both stick and laptop piloting skills.

2. Our students learn the design concepts, construction, operation, maintenance, and repair of various sUAS platforms, both fixed wing and multi-rotor.

3. We also provides support for students interested in acquiring their FCC Technician’s Level license. This is a useful course for those requiring higher powered transmitters and frequency access for those requiring higher data transmission rates for low lag video streaming.

How much does the Wounded Eagle UAS Training Program charge their students?

The WEuas program provides tuition free training to wounded and disabled veterans. Their sacrifice and dedication to God and Country was enough, they’re already paid up.

What Training does Wounded Eagle provide?

The WEUAS Training Program provides a combination online tutorials, YouTube links, and off-line printable knowledge based material for the student’s consumption. Wounded Eagle also provides personal flight instruction and aircraft for students located in the Los Angeles area. Included with your course is a FCC Technician Level certificate course to cover frequency usage as a licensed radio operator.

Who qualifies for our training program?

To qualify, the veteran must have a minimum of a 10% disability rating from the Veterans Affairs administration.

How will training and advance flight skills for wounded and disabled Veterans provide necessary job skills in the commercial sUAS industry?

Any employer will tell you that finding a qualified candidate can be a challenging and time consuming process. WE students make that challenge less difficult to navigate.

1. FAA Part 107 licensed operator.

2. Above average knowledge of sUAS aircraft and their components.

3. Trouble shooting skills.

4. Repair experience.

5. Solid understanding of safe flight operations and risk management.

6. FCC licensed operator.

7. With their experience and knowledge of remotely piloted aircraft, their qualifications will stand out from their peers.

Benefits from our training.

Not only will our ship and teammates benefit from a new career in the sUAS industry, they’ll also discover the joy and therapy that flying can bring to them. Think about someone confined to a wheelchair and what this would do for their standard of living and quality of life?

Industry and Job outlook.

The sUAS industry outlook is breathtaking, we are in the golden age of sUAV’s and ROV’s. The opportunities are limitless for careers, jobs, and start-ups for our team and shipmates. Just about every industrial sector will be effected by the introduction of sUAV’s and ROV’s into service.

As of August 29th, 2016 the FAA now has a test certification (14CFR Part 107) for sUAS operators (which does not require a pilot’s license) to conduct commercial flight operations of a sUAS in national airspace